Online Pharmacy: How to Save Big with Canada Pharmacy

At Canada Pharmacy, you get the convenience of buying your medications from the comfort of your homes without having to go out and hunt for your required drugs all over your locality and still return empty-handed. Canada Pharmacy is the biggest online store for prescription, over the counter and pet medications in the country that provides you with the medicines you need.

Being an online mail-order pharmacy, Canada Pharmacy can save up on costs of logistics and maintaining a large number of pharmacies across the country and be able to deliver you the medications you need lower than their price in your local pharmacies.

Great Deals on Medicines

Our business model allows us to offer medicines at up to 80% lower prices than your local pharmacy. You can easily save up to 80% of the costs of your medications by ordering from instead of getting your medicines from your local US pharmacies.

In addition to the already low medicine prices, we offer additional discounts and coupons to make further the money you spend on medicines strain your finances a little less. You can get more than 20% off or even get flat $5 off of your final bill through coupons and get all the medications you need.

In case you can find the same medicine listed on our site at any other online mail order pharmacy for a lesser price, we’ll price match the drug and provide the medication to you the lower rate.

Safe Medicines

Licensed pharmacists verify all the orders before being shipped and delivered, ensuring that the medicines are safe and genuine. Canada Pharmacy is accredited by the CIPA (Canada International Pharmacy Association) and is a licensed pharmacy making it one of the most reliable pharmacies in the country.

We have all brand name and generic medicines available in our inventory thanks to our international suppliers and partner pharmacies making our network global and capable of procuring drugs from all over the world ensuring that you’ll always get genuine medicines in time.

Easy Payments

We understand that medication expenses can put quite a burden on your finances and sometimes its much more comfortable to pay for medicines later than at the moment of purchase.

Our ‘Buy Now, Pay Later’ policy allows you to buy the prescription drugs, over the counter drugs and pet medications you need asap without having to strain your finances. You’ll be charged for the medicine after 30 days from your purchase, giving you ample time to prepare for settling the medication bill.

You have to contact the customer service center and get the scheme for your order to enjoy the benefit. There is no paperwork involved, and the process is fast.

Your payments are also secured with a 128-Bit SSL encryption to give your transactions and personal data world-class protection against fraudsters and hackers. Your privacy is maintained through anonymity with TRUSTe making it so that your details and the details of your purchase remain a secret between you and us.

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