Tips And Tricks For Creating Custom Logo Mats.

You can order custom-designed logo rugs for your business. The right rug design will make you get the best return on your investment. These are our top tips to design your logo rug.

Customized Mats For Floors With Logo: Design Guidelines

Your logo mat design doesn’t have to be complicated. These are the three main goals for designing a logo mat that has the right look.

  • It must be identifiable. It is not enough to just place the mats.
  • It should convey the right message. Your company should be able to recognize your custom logo mat scheme.
  • It must look great. It should be visually appealing by using the right combination of fonts and colors.

These are some tips to help create the perfect design

It Is Important To Maintain Consistency In All Things

Consistency and professionalism are essential when designing custom logo mats. You must keep your brand’s existing image consistent, including letterheads, building signage, interiors, and letterheads. Your brand’s logo mat should be complementary to your brand, not stand out.

Keep It Clean

Avoid creating a ‘busy’ mat design. Avoid clutter. It can distract the viewer’s attention and be counterproductive. However, it doesn’t necessarily mean that all images should be identical. A simple logo mat design can be made by choosing one image as the central point. This could be your brand name or welcome message. All images surrounding the main design should be highlighted.

The Best Direction

Depending on the design you choose and the space available for the logo mat, the choice of printing vertically (portrait orientation) or horizontally (both) will depend on what the design is. Printed horizontally is the best option for logo mats that are placed near large entranceways. Although hallways are better for logo mats printed in portrait orientation, they can also be used for larger areas.

Contrasting Colors Attract Attention

When designing logo mats, ensure you choose balancing colors. It’s easier to combine colors from the same family rather than to make them look chaotic.

Look For Quality

A logo mat is not enough. The final result will depend on the quality of the mat’s printing and the quality of its design. To get the best out of your logo mat, make sure you choose the right company.

Logo Mats Simplified

Although you can add colors or slogans to the mat, the overall design shouldn’t be too complex. Customers won’t stop to take a look at the rug. Even worse, customers may only look at the mat once. It should not be filled with clutter or have abstract designs. Floor mats with logos should not provide entertainment, but enough detail to be easily understood by the target audience.

Your logo might not be necessary on your entrance mats. Even if the logo is not visible from high up, it can improve customer experience. Customers will notice these details easily and get the impression that the company cares about providing exceptional service. This subtle marketing strategy can keep customers coming back for more of the same great customer service.

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