The main characteristics of sapphire

This stone can have different shades and colors, the Blue sapphire jewellery is one of the most famous but there are also magnificent yellow, orange or green sapphires. The value of the sapphire does not depend only on the color, the only color that is not included in the palette of the sapphire is red, since the red sapphire is called ruby.

The most expensive sapphire is the deep blue sapphire, and behind it, the orange rose sapphire. Pastel blue is no longer so appreciated. The sapphire is a stone of great hardness, which does not scratch, and therefore, it remains in time very well. Therefore, it is an ideal stone for great occasions such as engagement, wedding, or the birth of a child. 

The inclusions that the stone presents are meaning of its authenticity. However, be careful if they are too many because they can damage the transparency and tone of the stone, and consequently, its value. It is important to observe the sapphire ring well before buying it. The mount has to serve very solidly to the setting of the stone, the stone has to be durable in time, and an engagement ring has to be forever.

How to choose a ring with sapphire

The first and most important thing is to make sure that the precious stone is authentic. Once authenticated, you have to face the choice of color and shape. It involves choosing the Blue sapphire rings mounted in a style that is most appropriate for the person who will wear it. There are indeed different forms of sapphires, from the most fantasy to the most classic.

The choice is a matter of taste and harmony between the person and his style. The thickness of the stone depends on the morphology of the hand and its fingers in particular. A large stone is not ideal for very fine fingers, but above all it is a question of taste.

What is the price of a sapphire ring?

The price of a sapphire ring varies depending on the gemstone but also depending on the metal on which it is mounted. A green or yellow fantasy sapphire ring can be made with white gold and will be a little less expensive. However, and due to the precious nature of the sapphire, our advice is to mount it in yellow gold or platinum, to enhance all its beauty.

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