Reasons people are jealous about your tent

The reception tent offers the possibility of setting up an ephemeral living space in the garden. It can be installed where you want outdoors depending on your land and the model chosen.

Self-supporting or fixed tent?

Freestanding tents are set up by pushing their feet into the ground, while more robust installations need to be fixed to the ground. A collapsible tent is faster to assemble but less resistant to strong gusts of wind.

Setting up the tent

The party tent is easy to set up but may require the intervention of two or more people depending on its size and weight. The canvas should be installed over the metal structure and attached at various points with nylon connecting pieces rather than plastic. The goal is to prevent the wind from passing between the frame and the cover.

What criteria to choose your reception tent?

Before organizing the reception, the choice of tent will be determined by several parameters depending on the type of event organized.

The surface of the tent

  • The surface of the tent depends on the number of guests and therefore on the type of reception planned.
  • For a seated meal, it is advisable to count 1 m² per person with round tables or 0.80 m² per guest with rectangular tables.
  • For a dancing evening, count 1.50 m² per guest, in order to take into account a space for the sound equipment.
  • In the case of a standing buffet, such as a cocktail or a reception, each person should have a space of 0.50 to 0.80 m².
  • A 12 m² tent can therefore accommodate between 8 and 24 people depending on its interior layout.


Another criterion to take into account before purchasing party tents for sale 20×20. It is determined by the area of ​​your land and the location where you want to install the Pole Tent. The dimensions of the tent can vary from 2 × 3 meters to 3 × 9 meters for a simple reception tent.

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